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In the clothing boutique at the heart of the Phoenix Shop is a carefree Bohemia for shoppers who love passion, color and mystery. "People who come here, do not want to be 'in a box.' Here, they know they can find themselves."

We offer what makes you feel good." With exuberant choices revealing a poetry and spirit and passion for living life to the hilt. Internationally renowned designer Kaffe Fassett's glorious handknits are a tradition in the department, along with quilts, rag rugs, and multi-colored socks created by members of the Fassett Family.

"Another Phoenix Shop tradition, is the wrap. Lolly Fassett started the shawl concept - the cape, the ruana, the poncho, serape. Its beauty is in its simplicity - the simplest piece of fabric you envelop and transform yourself in. Its magic is how it makes you feel within. A transformation - a freedom."


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Tina Snow - Buyer for Boutique, Music, Accessories, and Nepenthe Logo Items

The Phoenix Shop is open 365 days a year

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Contact: Amanda Hepfl - Manager 

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